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Welcome to Dave's research page!

My program of research examines how social transmission processes and our evolved psychology interact to influence our body satisfaction, perceptions of what is attractive, and relationship processes.

I am currently analyzing the results of five large studies on sexuality and relationships that I conducted with Janet Lever and MSNBC.com (Ns = 30,000-70,000). These studies focus on social psychological and individual factors that predict infidelity, relationship satisfaction, sexual satisfaction, emotional and sexual jealousy, body satisfaction, lifetime number of sex partners, division of household chores, etc.

I am also conducting several experiments on 1) The effects of hunger on behavior; 2) The effects of exposure to media on body satisfaction and weight-based prejudice and 3) How our evolved mechanisms influence a person's mating strategies and what they find attractive.

For further information about my research, please contact me at Enderflies1@aol.com. If you are applying for a position in the lab, please include information about yourself in the email (e.g., GPA, future plans, year in school, research interests, skills).

David Frederick
UCLA Department of Psychology
Graduate Student
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