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* indicates directly supervised undergraduate collaborators.

Frederick, D. A., Swami, V., & The International Body Project Research Team (in preparation).
Cross-cultural variations in preferences for muscularity. Frederick, D. A., Maisel, N. C., & Lever, J. (in preparation).
Betrayal and adultery: Using Interdependence Theory to predict infidelity.

Frederick, D. A., & Forbes, G. B. (in preparation).
The utility of feminist and sociocultural theories for understanding body dissatisfaction and dietary restraint.

Frederick, D. A., *Niles, A. N., Daniels, E. A., Elsesser, K., & Lever, J. (in preparation).
Sexual objectification in the workplace.

Frederick, D. A., Lever, J., & Peplau, L. A. (in preparation). Predictors of relationship and sexual
satisfaction among gay and lesbian couples.